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The ABC’s
We Achieve when we Believe what we Conceive.

Child of Light and Peace
I am a child of light and peace
There is nothing else that I could ever be
The truth is that I am free and happy
A child of light and peace

Feel the Love
It is the great power of love within us
that makes all things possible
We are all as one
Members of a worldwide family
Take a moment to relax and feel the love
in the center of your being
Be happy, feel free and at peace
We are unlimited spiritual beings of light and love
Have no fear
Be calm. Let go of your concerns
Be serene and secure within the power
of pure love and peace
Let thoughts of love light your path and lead you to
the best course of action
Love surrounds us and protects us
Love is all there is, all there ever has been
and all there ever will be
Love is all we need
Love is the key to our reality

Love Life
Do not be afraid to love life like there is no tomorrow
Do not be afraid to live life for today
I want you to know one thing is for sure
The love within you is everywhere you go
All I have to say is love will be with you everyday

It’s a place of refuge and a safe retreat
A place where you can be a shelter for me
See what I mean
Another branch on the family tree
To protect and provide
No need to conceal or hide
That’s right! I’m your harbor
It safely serves you when you try to keep dry
Everyday and all through the night
Be my dwelling place
My solitary fortress
Hold it in your mind
Cling to it in time
Take shelter from the storm of life inside
That’s right! I’m your harbor
Everywhere I go I’m home
We’ll never be alone no more
I’m your harbor
Jump for joy!
I’m your harbor boy


Everything is damaged
Nothing is damaged
Everything dies
Nothing dies
Everything is nothing
Nothing is everything


I enjoy singing songs with you
Yes I do
You enjoy singing songs with me too
It’s true
Together we make beautiful music
That’s what we do
I enjoyed writing this song for you
We enjoy singing songs with you
Yes we do
We want you all singing with us too
It’s true
Together we make beautiful music
That’s what we do
We enjoy singing songs with you
Everywhere we go
We want you to know
We love you so

The Long Hard Road
The long hard road
The never ending battle between the spirit and the ego
Now at long last I have come to the end
As I wandered on the path that led me back again
The long hard road leads to home
I stumbled but did not fall
I am humbled all in all

The Difficulty

There is no winning or losing. Only playing
There is no right or wrong
Only feeling, being and knowing
Remember and remind yourself. Love is all there is
If it isn’t love it’s fear
Fear isn’t real. It doesn’t exist
We created fear so we tend to believe in it
Fear causes projection of guilt
This creates a vicious circle that separates us from love
Being loving is easy
Being forgiving is the difficulty

Thank Love
Thank love for this beautiful day
Thank love for showing me the way
I thank love in all I do and say

I Can’t Stand It
I can’t stand it
I can’t take it anymore
I can’t stand it
But there’s one thing that I know
Everywhere I go I’m sure I’m on my way home
I missed you so much everyday
It’s not the same since you went away
Everybody wants you to come home and stay
Please won’t you stay

No Life Without Love
There is no life without love
What good would life be
If we could never feel
The love between you and me
Don’t you see?
There is no life without love

Reign of Hate
It is not to late
To end this reign of hate
Come to a conclusion
Be part of the solution
We don’t have to have a problem
Together we can solve them

The Seven Seas
(to sail the seven c’s)

“Wildcat Quotes”

“Love yourself and everybody else. In this way we make the world a better place.”

“Live it! Love it! Dig it! Do it! Be it! Now!”

“Now is the time, don’t wait. The moment of truth is at hand.”

“Laugh in the face of death. In the end there is peace.”

“Don’t focus on problems. Think of solutions that will solve them.”

“It is not I but the power within that makes all things possible.”

“It is better to be lonely than miserable.”

“Get close to someone and the pain will come.”

“The umbrella of love covers us all.”

“When you feel what is real, fear will disappear.”

“Goodnight, goodbye, good luck, so long, see you later, have fun, live it up!”

“Saying half of what you mean is better than meaning half of what you say.”

“There is more to fear in that which is unknown than in that which is known.
Therefore by knowing certain things what might initially appear to be a predicament
is in all actuality a blessing in disguise.”

“I feel as good as you look!”

“We’re the best, we’re the greatest, we’re the greatest, we’re the best!”

“There is a fine line between genius and insanity”.

“Believe in me or be leaving me!”

“I’m just as happy as I am sad. I’m just as good as I am bad.”

“It would appear there is so much guilt and fear I can’t get it together here.”

“The pain in my brain is easy to explain…I’m insane.”

“I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t”

“We have E.S.P.. E.nergy! S.trength! P.ower!"

“When the pain outweighs the gain it’s time to refrain.”

“I am you and you are me and so it is that we are all together.”

“Peace of mind is priceless.”

“We’re going to live forever. Might as well have a good time.”

“The difficulty is plain to see within this divine dichotomy. It’s piracy vs. prophecy.”

“Buy the best. Skip the rest.”

“When everything makes sense……nothing does.”

“If you love it you don’t have to like it.”

“Have no fear, love is here.”

“I never pretend to be something that I’m not anymore than I ever pretend not to be something that I am.”

“It is better to want and not have than it is to have and not want.”

“Live to love. Love to live.”

“I laughed and I left!”

“Art that comes from your heart is not the kind that comes from your mind.”

“No task is too tough. No problem is insurmountable.”

“Neither do I approve nor do I wish to participate.”

“What is is and so it is. So be it!”

“I’m blessed with the best so I’m cursed with the worst.”

“The question is not why….but why not?”

“Seeing is deceiving. Feeling is believing.”

“Spread the news and share the wealth. Love the world back to health.”

“Everywhere I go I’m home.”

“Have more fun than anyone before you’re done.”

“Happy I love you day!”

“Some boys never grow up. Some men never grow old.”

“The winning and the losing is so confusing.”

“It’s too much but not enough.”

“Knowledge is experience, security and confidence.”

“The beauty of our spirit can only be rivaled by the torture of our soul.”

"Oh joyous occasion!"

“It’s all part of the show folks!”

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