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Hello! My name is Kraig Wildcat Spratt, and this page is dedicated to the romantic relationships with women in my life.

Virginia Thomas - 1964-'65 4th & 5th Grade Johnson Grade School. Saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show at her house on Sunday 2/9/64


Rosalyn Lawrence - 1968-'69 8th & 9th Grade McKinley Jr. High School

She also came to see me in Hollywood in '84. She hadn't changed a bit!

Leslie Wheeler - 1971-'72 11th & 12th Grade at Washington High School

This is the only photo I have. Her parents didn't like me! I was a long-haired hippie musician. She had hair down to her waist. We met in the halls at school when I told her "You were in my dreams last night!"

Kathy Bateman - 1974-80
We lived together for 6 years! Ages 19-25. We met walking down the street. She asked me if she could borrow a dime to call her boyfriend. Then she pointed to me where she lived and I stopped over the next day. Her boyfriend answered the door! Awkward. She and I went on to have a lot of wild fun! She was also a great photographer.

Lisa Taylor - 1982
We met at a nightclub. It was love at first sight, but alas, a short-lived, ill-fated, heart-breaking relationship for me. Next thing I knew I had moved to Hollywood, CA.

Stacy Jacobs - 1985-'88
Hollywood CA. Artist, Drummer, Singer/songwriter, Poet. We met at a show at "The Music Machine" in Santa Monica on 5/5 (Cinco De Mayo). She knew everything about clothes, movie stars, restaurants. We traveled from Mexico to San Francisco. She introduced me to the band "The Return" who I did the MTV video with.

Toni McClain - 1989-90
It was love at first sight. I was just back from L.A. and had joined "Hostage". We met as I was hanging posters for my first gig back in Cedar Rapids at "Pete 'n Tillie's" 12/88. I was age 34 and she was 19. Explosive romance & passion. Unfortunately, it blew up in my face! The "Resurrection of Love" song was written for her.

Lori Osterkamp - 1992
We met at a Hostage gig at the Anamosa Legion Hall. She wanted to meet me. I was seeing someone else at the time, but it was love at first sight. I was age 35 and she was 21. It was short-lived and ill-fated. That was the last time I was ever, completely, totally, in head-over-heels, full-on chemical love! It almost killed me!

Angel (Lisa McGowan) 1992-'96
She knew me from Hostage. We bumped into each other here & there. Then we began a long, fun-filled, action-packed relationship.

We went to Woodstock '94. Also the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Grand Opening Concert in Cleveland, Ohio in 1995. She was great! We drank too much. It eventually caught up with us.


Nancy Dearborn - 1997-'98
We met at Ushers Ferry. She was a psychologist. We got along famously! Recently divorced, she had been married for over 30 years! I was her second boyfriend! I broadened her horizons and she returned the favor. I went to Unity Church with her and started a four year "Spiritual Quest". Probably the most pivotal relationship of my life.


Trish Peters - 2001-'03
We met at a Christmas party. Literally bumped into each other ordering drinks at the bar. We had an e-mail romance for a few weeks. She was filled with passion, fire and desire. Smart and sexy! We had a lot of fun! The "Feeling Great" song came from her.

Nancy Schoon - 2003-'11
We knew each other from the Hostage days in 1990. We bumped into each other at the "Taste of Iowa" in 2003. She is a wonderful woman, a great girl and a lovely lady. I, on the other hand am a very conflicted, tortured soul. Bless her heart for putting up with me for all those years!

2012 - Superzanne!
Who helped me shoot videos and do computer work.

2013 - Judith
A real sweetheart of a gal!








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